Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Project Pink Dresser

So recently a friend of mine gave me this awesome dresser.  As you can see, it needed some love. 

Friends don't let friends have ugly dull pink dressers....

I was soooo excited when I got it.  I couldn't wait to make it over for Anya's room.  This was my vision:

But you know kids and their darned opinions.  My daughter wanted a pink dresser. 


If we were going to have a pink dresser, it was going to be bright.  Like, pepto bismol bright.  Rust-Oleum makes such a color, so we picked up 2 cans of spray paint from Home Depot.

I started by removing the drawers and sanding them down.  Then I started painting. 

New color vs. old color

Drawers removed, dresser sanded and painted

I got some really nice silver knobs from Target for $16.99.  I tried to find some vintage ones on etsy but I was too inpatient.  If I do find some I'll put them on and post a new picture.

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome.  I really wanted a teal dresser, but down the road I can always sand and paint again.

See the pink paint on the garage floor?  My bad.  I messed up my husband's man cave.

The pink actually looks really good in Anya's room, so I'm glad I let my 4 year old choose. 

Total cost for project was less than $20.00!

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